A Principal driven, fixed asset group specializing in mid-range Real Estate on select geographies

Investment Process:

We rely on our investment methodology and issue a deal concept memo (DCM) once we have solidified our interest through due diligence. We then issue an investment proposal addendum  (IPA) outlining our final outlook

Divestment Process:

We have no set in stone deadlines for exit. We review our divestment opportunities regularly and we base our decisions on a multiplicity of factors such as time of entry, value created, and outstanding opportunities under review. We formally execute our exit through a divestment concept memo (DCM) outlining our outlook for the divestment.

About our portfolio:

We advise and manage commercial grade properties in select geographies. We are a focused investor, adamant on adding value through strategic repositioning, energy optimization and proprietary property management initiatives.
The portfolio advised includes government leased properties, light manufacturing, residential and retail in our geographies.

From Innovation to Location

We are a forward thinking investment group focused on innovative real estate. We look into innovation ideas such as reducing our overall energy footprint through constant energy saving.
We implement renewable energy initiatives such as solar and make use of innovative solutions such as remote monitoring systems (IOT- Internet of the things) to ensure security, energy management, energy storage and other.

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